Evidence-based Practice in Nursing (Transforming Nursing Practice Series)

Peter Ellis: Evidence-based Practice in Nursing (Transforming Nursing Practice Series), meki uvez
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Autori Peter Ellis
Opis Do your students feel unsure about what exactly constitutes evidence? Would you like them to feel more confident in evaluating evidence and applying it to their practice?

Delivering safe, high-quality, patient-centred care is dependent upon nurses having a good understanding of evidence-based practice, and how to apply this successfully. However, for many students engaging with this side of practice is a challenge. This book has been specifically designed to help guide students through the process of identifying, evaluating and applying evidence in nursing practice. Using a variety of learning features, this text will help your students to see how the theory applies to their everyday practice and help them develop the skills they need to confidently use evidence in their clinical decision-making.
Šifra 1201058
Izdavač Learning Matters
Uvez meki
Broj stranica 208
Godina izdanja 2019
ISBN 9781526459336
Format 17 x 24.5
Tip proizvoda Strana knjiga