The story of a man who collapsed into his notebook

Ivana Sajko: The story of a man who collapsed into his notebook, tvrdi uvez
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Autori Ivana Sajko
Opis . . . I’ve forgotten how to travel, how to surrender to the favor and misfortune of the rails, how one says goodbye, how long one actually stands facing backward watching Point A swiftly
disappearing, and after that how long does he continue standing standing standing . . . I open my notebook, but I have no answer, I write: “traveling from Point A to Point B, from a little
seaside town to Berlin, I gaze out the window at the unfinished houses on the outskirts, warehouses in the industrial zone, stunted trees along the river with plastic bags hanging from
their branches like bats . . .”

Translation: Rachel Daum
Šifra 1204907
Izdavač Fraktura d.o.o.
Uvez tvrdi
Broj stranica 128
Godina izdanja 2023
ISBN 978-953358638-0
Format 13.6 x 20.4
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