A Walk On The Wild Side

Nelson Algren: A Walk On The Wild Side, meki uvez
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Autori Nelson Algren
Opis Dove Findhorn is a naive country boy who busts out of Hicksville, Texas in pursuit of a better life in New Orleans. Amongst the downtrodden prostitutes, bootleggers and hustlers of the old French Quarter, Dove finds only hopelessness, crime and despair. His quest uncovers a harrowing grotesque of the American Dream.

A Walk on the Wild Side is an angry, lonely, large-hearted and often funny masterpiece that has captured the imaginations of every generation since its first publication in 1956, and that rendered a world later immortalised in Lou Reeds classic song.
Šifra 1202551
Izdavač Canongate
Uvez meki
Broj stranica 370
Godina izdanja 2010
ISBN 9781841956800
Format 16.2 x 22.2
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