Quick Guide to Kidney Transplantation

Phuong-Chi T., Phuong-Thu T. : Quick Guide to Kidney Transplantation, meki uvez
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Autori Phuong-Chi T., Phuong-Thu T.
Opis Concise, easy to read, and designed for quick reference, Quick Guide to Kidney Transplantation is a compact resource for general nephrologists, residents, fellows, nurse practitioners, and others involved in the care of post-transplant patients. Focusing on must-know clinical information needed to provide optimal patient care, this expertly written guide helps you gain the knowledge and expertise you need in this complex area.
Offers high-yield, easy-to-reference information on areas of kidney transplantation relevant to the general nephrologist, including the management of immunosuppressive therapy, acute and long-term complications, transplant medications, drug interactions, selection and evaluation of potential living donors, and more.
Features concise text presented in bullet-point format and highlighted by full-color illustrations.
Shares the knowledge and expertise of Drs. Phuong-Thu Pham and Phuong-Chi Pham of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.
Presents just the right amount of information needed to provide the best possible patient care and improve graft survival as well as patient survival.
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Izdavač Wolters Kluwer Health
Broj stranica 352
Godina izdanja 2019
ISBN 9781496399649
Format 17.8 x 25.5
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