Clinical Communication Skills for Medicine

Margaret Lloyd, Robert Bor, Lorraine M. Noble: Clinical Communication Skills for Medicine, meki uvez
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Autori Margaret Lloyd, Robert Bor, Lorraine M. Noble
Opis Clinical Communication Skills for Medicine is an essential guide to the core skills for effective patient-centered communication. In the twenty years since this book was first published the teaching of these skills has developed and evolved. Today’s doctors fully appreciate the importance of communicating successfully and sensitively with people receiving health care and those close to them.

This practical guide to developing communication skills will be of value to students throughout their careers. The order of the chapters reflects this development, from core skills to those required to respond effectively and compassionately in challenging situations. The text includes case examples, guidelines and opportunities to encourage the reader to stop and think.
Šifra 1200878
Izdavač Elsevier
Uvez meki
Broj stranica 184
Godina izdanja 2018
ISBN 9780702072130
Format 15.3 x 23
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