Saint Jerome the Dalmatian

Slobodan Prosperov Novak: Saint Jerome the Dalmatian, tvrdi uvez
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Autori Slobodan Prosperov Novak
Opis After The Life of Saint Jerome the Presbyter by Marko Marulić and the book Natale solum sancti Hieronymi by Josip Bedeković from the 18th century, Slobodan Prosperov Novak’s monograph Saint Jerome the Dalmatian is the first modern biography that systematically portrays the life of Saint Jerome, one of the best known and most important great men of the world born on Croatian soil, and his influence on not only the culture, language and literature of his homeland – Dalmatia and entire Croatia – but also on the culture of the Western Christian world.

In this monograph published on the 1600th anniversary of Saint Jerome’s death, Split-Dalmatia County and Školska knjiga reveal once again the greatness of one of the most important saints in the history of Christianity, Christian culture and European civilisation.
“Forgive me, God, for I am a Dalmatian.”
— Saint Jerome

Ille meus est, et ego suum – He is mine, I am his, wrote Marko Marulić adopting Saint Jerome the Dalmatian as his patron saint and theological role model, admiring sincerely his erudition, theological acuteness and exegetic skills.
This monograph is also a fruit of sincere admiration for Jerome’s greatness. Slobodan Prosperov Novak demonstrates that even today, 1600 years after his death, Saint Jere shines with unscathed brightness as one of the brightest stars in our sky.“
— Prof. Ivan Bodrožić, PhD

„Saint Jerome is connected with the Croats not only by birth, but he is also an essential part of our entire historical identity. After all, many churches erected to his honour throughout the homeland and in the diaspora, and his rich cultural legacy testify to this. Even the popes connected him with the Croats as the heirs to his native soil. Th is monograph is one of the best tools to come to know this great spirit in a fascinating and readable, very thought-provoking and factual manner.“
— Prof. Božo skoko, PhD
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Izdavač Školska knjiga
Uvez tvrdi
Broj stranica 184
Godina izdanja 2020
ISBN 978-953-0-62110-7
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