Surgery: Davor Mijatović, Željko Sutlić, Goran Augustin, Ivan Dobrić and colleagues, tvrdi uvez
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Autori Davor Mijatović, Željko Sutlić, Goran Augustin, Ivan Dobrić and colleagues
Opis Surgery is a comprehensive multimedia textbook comprising a print and a digital version enriched with multimedia content authored and edited by fifty-three faculty members of the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb. The main goal of this textbook is to help medical students master the extensive knowledge of surgery in a simple, accessible and contemporary format. Its intended readership encompasses undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate medical students as well as residents and specialists in various surgical and related branches.
Being a specialized textbook, it does not cover the general surgical topics typically addressed in introductory or preparatory courses.
Medical students will additionally find this multimedia textbook useful for the continuation of their medical careers and further training in surgery and its complementary branches of medicine. The textbook presents contemporary medical content, made interesting and accessible with the help of illustrations, medical photographs, and tables. The multimedia format of this textbook is highly suitable for hybrid modes of instruction that are increasingly becoming the norm. This makes Surgery a valuable asset not only for students but also for teachers in surgical courses, who can use its multimedia resources to easily prepare for lectures and seminars in the years to come.

Surgery is a major comprehensive resource drawing on the long surgical textbook tradition of the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, offering the reader a plethora of information from the vast body of knowledge comprising today’s surgical field in a modern and innovative way. The editors and contributors, who are top experts and emi¬nent surgeons, have packed their knowledge and experience into this valuable book, which is certain to have a high impact on the surgical theory and practice on the national and international level.

Translator: Professor Nataša Pavlović, PhD
Šifra 031002
Izdavač Školska knjiga
Uvez tvrdi
Broj stranica 992
Godina izdanja 2022
ISBN 978-953-0-31002-5
Format 21 x 28
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