World War II Croatian Legionaries: Croatian Troops under Axis Command 1941–45

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Autori Vladimir Brnardic
Opis As Europe descended into war the newly formed state of Croatia found itself an ally in Nazi Germany.
Tens of thousands of Croatians volunteered for the German Wehrmacht, with Croatian-badged units created within the Army, Navy, Luftwaffe, Waffen-SS and Police force. When Hitler turned his attention to Stalin''s Soviet Union many of these men found themselves thrown into the fray, with Croatian soldiers serving at Stalingrad, fighting Tito''s Partisans in the Balkans and battling against the advancing Red Army in Hungary.

Aided by detailed illustrations, author Vladimir Brnardic explores the uniforms and equipment of World War II Croatian Legionaries.
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Godina izdanja 2016
ISBN 978-1472817679
Format 14 x 21
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