Igor Jurilj , Marko Purišić: BABY LASAGNA AND STIPE THE CAT – A GREAT FRIENDSHIP, tvrdi uvez
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Autori Igor Jurilj , Marko Purišić
Opis Baby Lasagna and Stipe the cat have their own illustrated tale! The picture book “A Great Friendship” tells the story of how Stipe the cat, along with Baby Lasagna, created the hit song “Rim Tim Tagi Dim”, won the Croatian national song contest, and finally took the stage of Eurovision.

Stipe is a one-eyed cat from birth who’s found a happier life in a house where cats eat lasagna. He nicknamed his best pal Baby Lasagna because his portions are smaller than the usual ones. One day, Stipe’s skirmish with the lace on the couch produces sounds that become a hit song, “Rim Tim Tagi Dim.”

After Lasagna shares the new song and his cats’ dance, it turns him into a sensation: he wins the national song contest in Croatia, and then comes the biggest performance yet – Eurovision. Lasagna climbs the stage together with his three cats: Branka, Gertruda, and Stipe. This is a fable based on real stories, talking about support, love, and the importance of togetherness.

Since his first appearance at Dora, Baby Lasagna has been a stage hero and a protector of cats. The proud cat-dad mesmerized Croatia with “Rim Tim Tagi Dim,” which features verses about his cat Stipe, a one-eyed pet since birth who became the hero of the Baby Lasagna picture book.

The author of the text, illustrations and translator, Igor Jurilj is an illustrator and journalist artistically known as Yellow Yuri. He shaped the story of the great friendship between Baby Lasagna and Stipe the cat with the help of this year’s Eurovision favorite and one of the main protagonists – Baby Lasagna.
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Godina izdanja 2024
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