Skin diseases with facial and oral lesions

Liborija Lugović Mihić, Mirna Šitum i suradnici: Skin diseases with facial and oral lesions, tvrdi uvez
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Autori Liborija Lugović Mihić, Mirna Šitum i suradnici
Opis Skin is the largest organ in the human body; therefore, skin diseases may occur at a wild variety of localizations.
The more so, skin diseases also include visible changes in body appearance, which can influence the patient''s mental state.
Skin diseases manifesting on the face pose a special problem for patients because face is exposed as the “first contact” with other persons in our environment; facial lesions are readily visible to other people, thus frequently causing a feeling of shame, fear, and various adverse mental states due to the impression they leave on our environment.

A comprehensive approach in dermatovenerology must include venerological approach to a disease and assess the possible association of skin lesions with sexually transmitted diseases.
And the last but not the least, psychological approach to the diseases and the patient is of utmost importance, not only in diseases involving facial skin but also in those affecting oral mucosa, which requires good knowledge of the basic characteristics of dental psychology.

The book is primary intendent for doctors of dental medicine and medical doctors, dental medicine and medical students, dermatovenerologists, specialist in oral medicine, and all related medical professionals that want to get additional knowledge of these diseases and their management.

This book offers a broad approach to the mentioned problems, including views from multiple medical aspects and based on active participation of different specialists, i.e. dermatovenerologists, oral phatologists, pharmacologists, and psychiatrists. It is just the multidisciplinary, holistic approach that ensures best therapeutics outcomes for patients.
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