Power Bowls: All You Need in One Healthy Bowl

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Autori Kate Turner
Opis Power Bowls is your bite-sized guide to the tastiest new health food trend. Every bowl contains a perfectly balanced meal, packed with nutritious superfood ingredients to keep you energised all day.

With 25 recipes designed to suit your busy lifestyle, Power Bowls is packed with superfood solutions to keep you feeling healthy and satisfied from morning to night. Start your day right with Quinoa & berry porridge or an Acai berry & kale smoothie bowl, enjoy a Tofu & kimchi bowl or Vegetarian sushi bowl for a tasty on-the-go lunch, then come home to a satisfying bowl of buckwheat pho or spicy harissa chicken and rice.

Easy-to-make, versatile, and full of goodness, make Power Bowls your next superfood eat.
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Broj stranica 72
Godina izdanja 2016
ISBN 978-0241286463
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