The Golden Decade of Croatian Water Polo 2007 – 2017

Dean Bauer: The Golden Decade of Croatian Water Polo 2007 – 2017, tvrdi uvez
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Autori Dean Bauer
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The summer of 2018 will mark 110 years since a small group of young men, sports enthusiasts returning from their university studies in Prague, entered the waters of Bačvice Bay in Split – and emerged as legends. These young men set up two goals, used string to mark out the field, and played a game of what was, at the time, a strange new sport. They used caps to designate the teams: one team wore red caps, the other white. These two colours, in the characteristic chequerboard pattern of the Croatian national team, are today worn by a new generation of young players, the heroes of the modern sport. Theirs is a journey down a path that’s paved with gold… A journey for the ages.

At the end of August 2010, exactly one day before the beginning of the European Championship in Zagreb – up till then the largest water polo event organised in an independent Croatia – the book A Century of Croatian Water Polo was presented to the public. It was the story of the first 100 years – or, to be more precise, the first 102 years – of Croatian water polo, from 1908 to August 2010. The book that you are holding in your hands is a kind of continuation, building on its predecessor; but it’s also so much more than that. It’s an account of the most outstanding period in the entire history of Croatian water polo, featuring the most medals and trophies ever won by Croatian players. A Century of Croatian Water Polo celebrated a history flooded with medals, and The Golden Decade of Croatian Water Polo is an overview of the era of champions that we are currently living in. It presents an outline of the spectacular achievements of the past decade, and anticipates a glittering future. In these pages, we’ll follow the Barracudas to the highest steps of the winner’s podium in Melbourne, Zagreb, London, Budapest… It’s a journey down a path that’s paved with gold. A journey for the ages.

From 2007 to 2017, the senior national Croatian water polo team won 17 medals, including the most significant, the Olympic gold and silver, as well as gold at the World and European Championships. Croatia is the only country in the world to have won medals at six consecutive World Championships, and the youth teams have also been incredibly successful, winning 14 medals in this same period. A Croat has won the award for the Best Player in Europe three times (Bošković in 2007 and 2012, and Bijač in 2017), and one player was voted Best Player in the world (Pavić, 2012). Over the course of these 10 years, a Croat also won Best Coach in the World (Tucak, 2017). In the same decade, five Croats were inducted into the Hall of Fame in the USA (Rudić, Bukić, Bebić, Ježić and Trumbić). When it comes to club competitions, Croatia also has a European Champion (Jug CO, 2016), and a Croatian team has been runner-up an impressive six times. It’s even more impressive when we remember that Croatian water polo achieved all this in just ten short years!

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