Great Designs

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Opis Great Designs is a fascinating overview of the dynamic history of design from the 1860s onwards, tracing the development of modern designs, from sketches and prototypes to the final product.

Which technological advancements have pioneered ground-breaking design? How did political struggle in 1930''s Germany inspire modern graphic design? Over 100 of the best modern design ideas are explored and explained, from Bauhaus posters and bubble chairs to the Citroen DS and the iPad. Each iconic design is analysed visually with close up details, and the story behind each piece of work is also revealed. Profiles of influential designers like Ferdinand Porsche and Earl Tupper, workshops and design movements as well as highlights of the characteristic elements of key design styles make this a fantastic visual reference guide.

Examining product and industrial design as well as furniture, graphics, and textiles, Great Designs is a magnificent gallery of iconic designs.
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Broj stranica 256
Godina izdanja 2013
ISBN 978-1409319412
Format 14 x 21
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