Nevermoor- The Trials of Morrigan Crow

Jessica Townsend: Nevermoor- The Trials of Morrigan Crow, meki uvez
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Autori Jessica Townsend
Opis Morrigan Crow is cursed, destined to die on her eleventh birthday.
But, as the clock strikes midnight, she''s whisked away by a remarkable man called Jupiter North and taken to the secret city of Nevermoor.

There she''s invited to join the Wundrous Society.
Mystery, magic and protection are hers - if only she can pass four impossible trials, using an exceptional talent. Which she doesn''t have...

Perfect for fans of the Harry Potter series and His Dark Materials, this series takes readers into an extraordinary world, setting hope and imagination alive.
Šifra 185283
Uvez meki
Broj stranica 384
Godina izdanja 2018
ISBN 978-1510103825
Format 13 x 20
Tip proizvoda Strana knjiga