A hard case in Holiday city

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Autori Cody McClain Brown
Opis The Christmas Mafia runs Holiday City. The Easter gang gets by. And Halloween, well, those freaks are a threat to everyone. Behind the confetti-strewn parades and the all-night parties, lurks a world of violence and suspicion as every holiday fears that one day it will cease to be celebrated. When the city’s fragile peace is shattered by the massacre of a dozen Easter eggs on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, it’s up to homicide detective Max Martin to solve the case before a holiday gang war tears the city to pieces. Even if the clues lead all the way up to the North Pole and the Fat Man himself. Max is drawn into the underworld of glamorous elf-run nightclubs, seedy drug-peddling skeletons, and the mad King of Halloween. It’s a world of Tommy guns and sugar plums, cinnamon and sin, candy corn and bullets. It’s a Hard Case in Holiday City. Cody McClain Brown is the bestselling author of two memoirs, Chasing a Croatian Girl and Croatia Strikes Back. This is his first work of fiction.
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Izdavač Znanje d.o.o.
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Broj stranica 200
Godina izdanja 2021
ISBN 9789538230653
Format 13 x 19
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