Explore Scratch 3.0 and learn computer coding

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This textbook has been created for everyone who wants to learn how to create animations, interactive stories or games using Scratch 3.0. The examples shown here have been adapted for users aged seven to thirteen. The authors of this textbook are IT teachers, therefore it is methodologically prepared to be used in a classroom too.

The textbook consists of seven chapters: Ready, set, Scratch!, Dive into Scratch, Start me up, Drawing, micro:bit, Games and From Scratch to Python on 184 pages.

All the projects do not have to be done one after the other, in the exact order they were written in the Contents. Every project has a picture showing block categories used in it. First, start creating projects. Some will guide you step by step and you can do them by following instructions. However, there are some projects in which you will correct mistakes in the block scripts by yourself. In this way you, as a user, work on your skills, not only follow instructions.

After the project has been finished, do the exercises. They are practical challenges where you must change a script or create similar project examples. Next, there are some tasks for you to do. Finally, you can start creating new projects.

This book is a workbook too, which means, when you revise, you can answer questions or circle answers to check how much you have learned.

At the end of the textbook look for the Appendix and find out how to solve the Scratch Tutorial or the Scratch Card. The link to Dr. Scratch is last on the list. Use it to create your projects and test your scripts.

After you have read the whole textbook and done these projects you will be able to create games, animations and stories by yourself. You can share them with your friends, too. Have fun travelling with Scratch!

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Autori Ana Budojević, Anita Kanić
Godina izdanja 2019
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