Monopoly The Big Bang Theory, engleska verzija

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Opis Cruise the streets of Pasadena in MONOPOLY: THE BIG BANG THEORY. Choose one of seven collectible tokens, including Sheldon''''s Spot and Leonard''''s Glasses, and negotiate for key locations like Sheldon & Leonard''''s Apartment or Mrs. Wolowitz''''s House. Mock your friends Sheldon style as they land on your property and you out-wit your way to victory!

- 7 collectable tokens: Leonard''''s Glasses, Sheldon''''s Couch Spot, Howard''''s Space Helmet, Raj''''s Dog Cinnamon, Penny''''s Wine Glass, Amy''''s Tiara, and Bernadette''''s Microscope
- Custom designed game board featuring 22 Fan - Favorite Big Bang Theory Locations.
- Classic Monopoly ''''Boardwalk'''' and ''''Park Place'''' are replaced by ''''Leonard & Sheldon''''s Apartment'''' and ''''Penny''''s Apartment''''
- Community Chest & Chance cards are transformed into Roommate Agreement and - Fortune Cookie
- Houses and hotels renamed Colliders and Super Colliders

Kružite svojim putem oko sunčane Pasadene na ploči The Big Bang Theory izdanja Monopoly-a. Izaberite jedan od sedam žetona, i dobro pazite dok pregovarate o ključnim lokacijama kao što su Odjel za fiziku, kafić i kuća gospođe Wolowitz!

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