Croatia – The Cookbook

Concept author Mate Janković: Croatia – The Cookbook, hardcover
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Autori Concept author Mate Janković
Opis Croatia – The Cookbook is not your average book of recipes. Within its 528 pages, readers will find 155 recipes from every corner of Croatia, prepared by 36 of the best Croatian chefs from the country’s 33 best restaurants. Each chef was given the opportunity to choose their favourite dishes from Croatia’s rich culinary heritage, choosing those recipes that best reflected their home region. They then reinterpreted that tradition in a modern way, and added their own personal flair. The Croatia – The Cookbook project was created by the chef and passionate promoter of Croatian cuisine, Mate Jankovič, and the art director was Ana Marija Žužul.

Croatia – The Cookbook introduces readers to all of the delights of Croatia’s rich culinary heritage, and presents dishes from every region of the country. The recipes are clear, detailed, and easy to read, and don’t call for difficult culinary techniques or professional equipment, making this the perfect cookbook for anyone interested in cooking, whether they’re professionals or complete beginners. The book is divided up according to the four major regions in Croatia, each of which has its own distinctive culinary tradition: the first is Istria, the Croatian Coast, and Gorski Kotar; the second is Central Croatia; the third, the Southern Croatian Coast and Dalmatia; and the fourth, Eastern Croatia.
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Broj stranica 528
Godina izdanja 2018
ISBN 978-953-0-60099-7
Format 20 x 28